A detailed review for Volcamatic tool

A default output choice makes use of simple formatting, and the SRT choice is specifically made for people who create subtitles for a video.

With those choices made and the file sent, if you have adequate time on an account, the system will then begin to convert the file into text.

An email is delivered to inform that the system has started the process and another one is dispatched when it is done. The time in which it needs is totally dependent on how busy the Vocalmatic servers are but in general, it was close to the time of the recording or a little bit longer.

One 19-minute recording may take around a half an hour to render but other shorter parts will take less time.

When the file is processed, you can then go to an editor and see how it did, as well as making some changes to the formatting and content if you want.

What this system lacks is the grammatical formatting. It does not insert any carriage returns between sentences regardless of the gap in speaking and it does not always capitalize names.

Moreover, it places timecode between transcription even when you are not making use of it for generating SRT files. The audio can be played back in the content editor, yet it does not show you where the transcription the audio comes from.

As soon as you are satisfied with the results, the text can then be exported as a Word document or text file in the default mode.

In conclusion, the service is not cheap but it works fast and accurately. Moreover, the solution is really accessible and easy to use. One benefit of the free time is that it enables users to upload an example of the recordings you may need to transcribe and see how it works. In comparison with other options, such as Transcribe by Wreally, Trint and Happy Scribe, this is not correct enough to be worth your investment. But in total, the tool is ideal and efficient enough with such a long list of languages supported.

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