An overall review for Drive Reviver tool

As you first set the Driver Reviver up on your device, you may be reminded of your old drivers. There are regular pop-ups telling that your drivers are outdated or there are new updates. But you are able to switch the feature off in the software’s settings. By default, Drive Reviver is installed to operate on startup, display other product suggestions and deliver usage tracking diagnostics back to the enterprise. All these offerings can be disabled.

Users can opt to create a System Restore point before setting up any drivers on this tool. Any driver that they do not want any update can be removed from all further scans. For instance, the schedule settings are helpful in case you want your drivers to be updated once a week during the night.

  1. Support

There is a page of Frequently Asked Questions for Driver Reviver online. Most of the answers are helpful screenshots for you to know how the software is going to work. If you would like to receive more direct support, you can contact Reviver support directly via a contact form.

  1. The competition

Another driver update program which also works effectively is Driver Booster 8 from IObit. It delivers an automatic driver update function along with the option to both back up and restore drivers. It is offered as a part of the package including other IObit performance tools for around 25 US dollars a month for three computers. If you have to deal with different computers, this is a more affordable option in comparison with the Driver Reviver.

Or you can take a look at the Driver Genius from Driver Soft. It comes with a more robust set of driver management tools and comes with such features as the capability to back up a set of drivers. It is a more effective tool for power users who would like to take control over driver updates on a set of networked computers.

In conclusion, Driver is an ideal option if you are looking for the latest drivers for your computers while the cost is quite high.

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