Everything about the automobile security gear from Ring

In the previous Amazon 2020 Event, the Ring announced their release of a new devices for automobiles whose aim is to keep your car safe. The trio includes the Ring Car Cam, Ring Car Alarm and Ring Car Connect. Prices vary from 60 US dollars to 200 US dollars and all the three will be on sales in the year of 2021 while there is still no exact release date for them.

 Ring Car Cam

From the name, the Ring Car Cam is a smart camera which will be put inside your car. If Car Cam detects a bump or a break-in, it will start to capture video, try and catch the incident when it takes place in the vehicle. If you choose an extra plan for LTE connectivity, you will be able to receive the footage delivered directly to your smartphone while the device is recording. Therefore, you could know what is happening to your vehicle in real time.

In addition, the Ring Car Cam is also integrated with the Emergency Crash Assist feature by which it can check the device in automatic manner and request support from the first responders in case there is a serious accident.

Last but not least, there is also the Traffic Stop feature by which you can use Alexa commands and the device could do what you say.

Ring Car Connect

Ring Car Connect is an API For car makers, enabling them to connect their vehicles’ systems to the Ring network by which customers can gain approach to different features such as receiving mobile alerts for any events, watching recorded video footage and checking such details about the car as whether it is locked or not.

If a car maker provides support for Car Connect, car owners can fit the after-market device to make use of the service while you need an extra connectivity plan to utilize it. From the information from Tesla, the new models including KS, 3, X and Y is going to support Car Connect when they are released in 2021.

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