New updates of headphone concepts

Headphones which are compatible with virtual reality technology

This headphone called JBL Everest Elite is a high technological device which is claimed by many users to be very wonderful in terms of both sound quality and perfect ergonomic attributes. However, the headphones are making a big leap as it can be utilized together with the virtual reality Headset of HTC company for customers to experience a number of different engagement level and immersion.

In terms of operation, the system is connected to the Ambient Aware system from JBL as well as the activity perimeter from HTC in order to limit the audio and switch on the microphones for users to be able to hear what is happening around them.

In spite of the fact that there have been a number of different high-tech headphones on the market, many people are worried about the abilities of those technologies which lead them to be so immersive in that world. And this new collaboration does the opposite so users can alter in and out of their outside areas.

Headphones assisted with voice commands

As you may have known, voice assistant technology has been adopted for a lot of products and devices nowadays such as this JBL Everest headphones. First of all, the headphones provide users with connection to Google Assistant so that they can use voice commands in order to change music, send text messages and so on.

There are a lot of different options for you to opt from that come with 15, 20 or eight hours of battery life. This device is really suitable for those who are in need of a more hand-free experience compared to their old headphones in order to use while workouts, moving and so on.

Innovative wireless headphones

These rotating dual control earbuds have been specifically invented in order to make sure the users will never feel as if they were out of touch. Rather than based on touch controls, the earbuds come with a spinning dial which will provide them with a chance to to physical rotate via numerous functions such as switching up music volume, alter songs, have approach to voice assistants and so on.

Last but not least, thanks to its light design, the users can place it in their ear easily and comfortably so that there will no need for worrying that the headphones will drop while commuting or doing exercises.

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