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Review TorGuard VPN

This name seems to be so familliar, but in spite of coming with the same privacy offering, TopGuard has nothing to deal with the Tor Project. Instead, this is a company which provides a lot of different products, including the VPN plan for saving your privacy while using torrents.

In general, specifications are rather good, with more than 3000 servers in nearly 70 locations throughout 55 countries. OpenVPN, Open Connect or WireGuard protocol provide support for many stealth options to prevent VPN blocking, custom applications for different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS along with installation guides for Linux, routers and so on.

TorGuard provides support for up to eight devices at the same time, which is really impressive.

What is more, the prices are reasonable, at nearly 10 US dollars a month, nearly 7 dollars on its quarterly plan or 5 US dollars a month on its 6-month and annual options. These are good prices but you are able to save a lot more. For example, you can register for one year in advance with TorGuard and receive a deal of paying nearly 60 US dollars upfront. If you sign up for two years in advance with the Surfshark service, you will also need to pay for nearly 60 US dollars for the first term while the five-year plan from Ivacy is only 70 US dollars.

Most VPN vendors make use of their privacy policy in order to deal with logging issues, yet the privacy page from TorGuard limits itself to a single sentence meaning TopGuard will not collect or log any data from its Virtual Private Network or Proxy services.

TorGuard does provide a lot of technical features in order to boost your privacy. Multiple stealth and obfuscation technologies are aimed at getting you connected, even though you are living in areas detecting and block regular VPNs. You can take control of your encryption manually. The integrated blocking of WebRTC and IPv6 leaks will help you avoid showing clues to your identity. Finally, there are a switch to block Internet access if the VPN fails.

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