Technological robotic cleaners for big areas

Beach cleaning systems powered by solar energy

Cleaning the whole area of beaches seems to be a really difficult and time-wasting task because the amount of garbage on the surfaces keeps on rising day by day due to the tourists. This is the reason why the product named Dronyx Solarino Robotic Beach Cleaner is devised to simplify the task.

First and foremost, the robot is equipped with a battery with a really high power together with different solar cells in order to enable the cleaner to clean even up to 3000 square meters every hour. This unit can operate quietly and also can be taken advantage for other purposes such as bringing vessels onto the beach to remove the need to use manual power.

Pool cleaners working in an automatic manner

With 360-degree cleaning abilities, the robot named Elite is able to clean your pool to the highest accuracy.

Now, home owners do not need to scrub the grime on their own as this device can help them clean the pool in an automatic manner. Hyper Scrub feature can help remove all dirt and grime away, whereas the processor Aqua Smart is ideal to navigate the pool in order to clean every corner accurately.

In terms of design, this robot is similar to a vacuuming design that will have the ability to find debris and eliminate it from the pool area so any unused material will be removed totally. What is more, the Jet Force cartridges are capable of filtering the pool water when being on the move.

Robotic cleaners that can crawl on the wall

Tody robot is going to revolutionize the way by which people are dealing with cleaning. Previously, the most popular robot is the Roomba but it was just an old story. This newly updated device is considered to be more versatile. It has the ability to crawl on the wall in order to clean a lot of different surfaces around your home.

The robot has a design similar to a squid and with this squish design, it is able to adapt suitably to every environment. The robot can even reach the most difficult areas in your house and clean completely thanks to its 22 steam nozzles and 20 vacuum nozzles as well as numerous small pads. Users utilize voice commands in order to program the robot.

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