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The best cloud storage service to choose in 2020: iDrive Cloud Storage

The development of the online storage solutions has resulted in the fact that cloud backup options have become a replacement for the conventional on-premise hardware due to the economies of scale.

Rather than the traditional storage system with folders and files on a single computer, cloud storage will distribute the data throughout someone else’s hardware such as iDrive, pCloud, Zoolz and so on.

From there, in structures such as data center, a lot of hard disk drives and solid state drives from all over the world will be stored.

Because there are a lot of cloud storage vendors on the market, you should choose a vendor wisely who will provide you right what you pay while still keeping your data secure and accessible.

iDrive cloud storage

iDrive provides constant syncing for your files, even those which are located on network drives. The web interface enables sharing files through email, Facebook and Twitter. Files are deleted from users’ computers but are not removed from the server so that you may not need to be fear of losing important files accidentally.

Up to 30 previous version of all files backed to your account are kept. Another good point to note is that IT administrators will have approach to the iDrive Thin Client app, which enables them to backup or restore, manage settings and so on, all for their connected computers through a centralized dashboard.

Regarding photos, you will receive a facial recognition feature supporting you to arrange them automatically as well as syncing them throughout all your connected device. iDrive also provides iDrive Express delivering you a physical hard disk drive if you lose all of your data, enabling you to restore all your backed up files quickly.

An extended version, which is called iDrive Business, does exist and provide priority support, single sign-on along with unrestricted users and server backup. In spite of the fact that iDrive Personal provides 5 terabytes or 10 terabytes pre user, their professional partners get between 250 Gigabytes and 12.5 terabytes of online storage.

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