The most ideal web hosting providers of 2020

The downside found on this hosting service is that the control panel like CPanel or Plesk is not offered as standard, which could make a lot of server operations for users simpler.

Hostwinds – the best dedicated web hosting

Hostwinds provides a lot of dedicated servers with strong configuration choices for anything from just general use to heavy one, making them a good choice for users to host everything from company websites to gaming servers.

There are a lot of base options to choose, which can be personalized according to your interests. The lowest-cost models come with a quad-core single processor and start with at least 8 Gigabytes of RAM, which would make it suitable for typical people.

There is also a good set of extra options for personalization, with various RAID configurations and a number of operating systems, such as standard CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora options along with a Windows Server option.

A 1Gbps network link can help whichever bandwidth option you pick so there is no need to concern much about the traffic being throttled at your end.

Full server management is offered, which will be useful for those who do not want to become overwhelmed by sys admin duties, with server monitoring and regular backups offered as part of the service.

Dreamhost – the best email hosting vendor

Dreamhost provides standalone email hosting among a wide variety of packages which are offered by this web hosting service vendor.

The email hosting from Dreamhost provides 25 Gigabytes of storage by default, with the capability to sync emails between desktop and mobile devices. In addition, there is a webmail software platform integrated without advertisements.

Another major feature is a smart anti-spam filter, making sure the filtering of spam messages as well as viruses, malware and so on. There are some other benefits if you have your own hosted email account. You will have complete control over your own data and your emails will also not be scanned automatically to offer advertising at you. Finally, it keeps connected to your company domain.

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