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The new features on the Amazon Echo Show 5

You may need to have an app from Google Home in order to change settings on the Nest Hub, so that the Echo Show 5 turns out to be more self-sufficient. Users are able to browse the website comfortably on the Echo Show 5 with both the Firefox and Amazon Silk browsers.

For the most part, when you have already installed and started to use, you could have an interaction with the Echo Show 5 using your voice commands. Amazon’s integrated assistant Alexa can reply to all the same commands as on others smart speakers as the Amazon Echo. You are able to search the web, make a call, play music, check your calendar, deal with your smart home gadgets and so on. Alexa is a really robust digital assistant.

After some responses, you could see extra information on the screen. For instance, you could look for the weather conditions and then you could see the forecast for your own region. Moreover, if you ask about nearby restaurants, you can see the pictures of the nearby places. You can also utilize the touchscreen to watch videos and make video calls with your friends. You are also able to call other Alexa devices and have a check on the feed of connected security cameras. If you have a Ring video doorbell or the Ring Door view camera, you are able to take to others using your voice command.

The Echo Show 5 is compatible with different sites such as Reuters for daily briefings. Users can watch shows through Amazon Prime or NBC as well as watch music videos via Vevo.

However, you are not able to watch videos on YouTube with a voice command. You can approach them if you go through the integrated browsers yet it feels like a workaround. The popular streaming site is owned by Google and within the previous year, Google has the right to YouTube from smart displays of Amazons.

Along with such ideal features, this Show 5 also comes with many tricks for you to make the most out of the device.

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