What features to note from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The Note 10 Plus provides five cameras, with a lot of perspectives and outstanding performance from what you can find from the six-camera-lens LG G8. There are four cameras placed on the back, with the main camera of 12 megapixels taking scenes with the bright colors that Samsung pictures are known for. It is solid, exactly like what you could receive from the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus camera.

Low light photos will look more effective than ever with the dedicated Night Mode. Without it, people’s skin tends to be so old like the time when Photoshop first came to effect.

If you turn the Night Mode on, you will see the photos less smoothing, but more noise because exposure is boosted. In most dark areas, it is a better point. If there were not this case, the Google Pixel 3, with its outstanding post-processing in Night Sight mode, still keeps the overall winner for your nighttime shots.

The most prominent points found on this phone are the telephoto of 12 Megapixels and ultra-wide lenses of 16 Megapixels. They provide photos at different perspectives, whereas the VGA Depth lens can help apply Live Focus to photos.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus battery will provide you one-day work, and it charges more quickly than the older Samsung phones.

After heavy use, you will be left with 20 percent to 30 percent of battery life thanks to the 4,300mAh battery life. This case is same applied to the Galaxy S10 Plus, which had a smaller battery capacity and a smaller display.

The battery can reach up to one day thanks to the power management from Samsung, which has been refined over the years and the fact that the QuadHD+ display resolution is set 1080p directly.

You will not realize the difference between 1080p and Quad HD+ resolutions, but what helps here is the Always On Display setting. You can switch it on because seeing the time and lockscreen notifications at a glance, which made a difference during the daily use.

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