What to know about the upcoming product from Nest?

The new smart speaker from google for your home will have a totally new appearance and a new name as well. From the technological specifications to the look, Nest Audio would become the smart speaker of future for daily use.

About Nest Audio and which Google speaker is replaced by it

Nest Audio is going to replace the original Google Home. However, it is not the successor to the Google Nest while both of them have a similar name. Other Google smart speakers you can purchase are Google Home Max, Nest Mini and Nest Hub as well as Nest Hub Max smart displays.

How much does the Nest Audio cost and when could you make purchase?

Currently, the Google Store is taking Nest Audio pre-orders for 100 US dollars but if you decide to buy two devices, you can get 20% of discount. Google will start to deliver these orders in October. The device will be on sales in this month, too.

Which colors does Nest Audio have?

You can purchase the Nest Audio in five different colors, including white, black, green, pink and blue.

What upgrades does this new device bring about?

The new Nest Audio replaces the first Google Home speaker with a 3-inch woofer in order to take control over the bass level and a three-quarter-inch tweeter when it comes to high notes. There is also a quad-core processor rather than the first Google Home’s dual core processor, which could generate faster response times and richer sound.

Similar to the previous updated Nest Mini, the Nest Audio comes with a dedicated machine learning chip which performs such tasks as quick responses and privacy.

Which mobile platform will Nest Audio use?

There will be two mobile apps, one for the Nest and one for Google Home. The Nest app handles the company’s smart thermostat, smoke detector as well as cameras. In case you would like to set up a Nest Mini or Nest Audio, it is much more suitable to use the Google Home app.

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