Whether to buy Google Nest Hub for your smart home

The Google Nest Hub is rather small. It looks like Google integrated in a thin, 7-inch tablet onto a Google Home Mini. It is rather simple in design, with a screen and a stand covered in fabric.

The device comes with two forward-facing microphones placed on a bezel surrounding the 7-inch screen. The middle dot between the micros is an ambient light sensor rather than a camera. On the back side, there is a switch which can mute the microphone along with buttons used to control the volume. If you want to do any other thing with this device, you should make use of its touchscreen or use your voice command.

You are able to choose from four colors for the fabric, including chalk, charcoal, aqua and sand. They cost all the same at 129 US dollars. You can purchase the Google Nest Hub at Best Buy, Walmart, Target as well as other electronics retailers or online through the Google Store. Google provides a six-month trial of You Tube Premium if you choose to purchase a Nest Hub. The service costs 12 US dollars a month after the trial period stops and enables you to listen to You Tube’s music library without advertisements. Before you buy, you should remember that Nest Hub is often offered with sales for 100 US dollars or less.

There is no need to have subscription to watch You Tube videos on the Nest Hub. You can look for those ordinary videos by using your voice and scrolling through different options easily. You Tube provides the Google Nest Hub with one more benefit over the Amazon Echo Show. Google has the right to this streaming site from Amazon’s competing smart display. Users are able to watch You Tube on the Echo Show but only through a browser, which is not able to respond to voice commands.

Videos are also appeared so crisp on the small 7-inch screen. If you have a subscription to the live TV service of You Tube, you can view live TV on this device, too.

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