Which devices you should purchase to work from home?

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, working from home has played an important part nowadays. Thus, there are a lot of solid peripherals, accessories as well as services available to choose online, which can make your working experience different.

In order to work effectively, you need to have a full-size keyboard, a wireless mouse as well as an external monitor. However, there are more to choose, such as blue-light-preventing glasses or standing desks, all of which would make a working day of yours productive even more than if you were working at the office.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C922X: promote the productivity of online conferences

The C922x from Logitech has returned after being sold out for weeks. This device can help you enhance the quality of your online meetings, instead of just using a pair of headphones and your phone’s HD camera.

Apple Magic Keyboard and the Magic Mouse 2: turn your laptop into a desktop

If you are a fan of Apple Mac Book Air and now you have to work from home, the Magic Keyboard is ideal. It comes with a traditional Mac keyboard look and space, with the comfortable scissor key mechanism and being wireless as well so that you can connect to it through Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, the battery can be recharged through USB, which lasts for several months after only one charge.

You can take advantage of the Apple’s peripherals with Windows machines, yet if you are seeking for another Bluetooth keyboard which can work with anything from Windows PCs to Macs or other devices, the Logitech K380, which costs around 30 US dollars, is an ideal option. Otherwise you can connect it with up to three other devices and toggle between each of them using the click of a button.

No longer having to put laptop on your lap with the Amazon Basics laptop desk stand

It is all about the ergonomics in terms of office furniture and accessories so a good laptop stand can bring your display up to your eye level in order to allow you to sit up straighter.

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